Infinity Cape Town (Pty) Ltd

Code of Conduct

Operating Hours: By Registration to Events or Appointment Only.  No Walk Ins.

  • Smoking in designated smoking areas only.

  • Guns or illegal drugs are not permitted.

  • Follow the dress code (if there is one).

  • Be polite and respectful to everyone you encounter.

  • Ladies rule at Infinity.  If a lady is wearing a florescent wrist band it means she is open to being approached.  All other ladies should not be approached without consent from their partners.  Infinity management and staff can also assist with introductions.

  • Do not touch anyone or anything (such as another person’s toys) without permission.

  • Negotiate your role in a scene before entering it.

  • Make sure play is SAFE, SANE & CONSENSUAL.

  • If you choose to play, observe designated safe words.

  • Do not interrupt anyone else’s “scene” unless you are invited to participate.

  • An open door means you are invited to watch. Do not enter the room unless you are invited, and you may not under any circumstances engage without invitation.

  • Don’t open closed doors – they may be ‘OFF LIMITS’. Knock first and ONLY ENTER if you are given permission to do so.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO drunken or disorderly behaviour will be tolerated. Intoxication from lust is not only acceptable, but also encouraged.

  • Photography and videos of any kind whatsoever are not permitted. The only exception to this is selfies which may be taken and posted on social media, but InfinityCPT must be tagged in the post.  Failure to do so may result in being banned from future events.

  • What happens at the venue or at a party … STAYS at the venue or the party. Kindly remain discreet and considerate at all times of other’s privacy.

  • No judgement or criticism is allowed regarding another person’s fetish or kink.

  • Slaves / Submissives that are collared are OUT OF BOUNDS, unless permission is obtained from Owner/Master/Mistress/Dom/Domme.

  • Kindly leave the rooms the way you found them in. Alternatively arrange cleaning with Infinity for R100.

  • If you enter a room to play and it is not freshly made, please immediately notify management.

  • Kindly report anything/anyone you might find inappropriate or offensive immediately to InfinityCPT Management.

  • InfinityCPT DOES NOT CONDONE OR ENGAGE IN ANY ACTS/FETISHES/KINKS involving children, animals or skat play of any kind whatsoever.

  • Enjoy yourself and please thank your hosts before you leave