Decadent Desires

The Infinity Lifestyle Social Club is now featuring an innovative service called Decadent Desires, which is a matchmaking service to connect members with similar interests.

Register any decadent desire or fantasy that you would like fulfilled and Infinity will enter it onto its Decadent Desire database. We will then connect you with likeminded people and/or events that will facilitate the realization of your fantasy.

Also, Infinity will also take registrations of those who have skillsets which may assist in fulfilling decadent desires and fantasies. Those will also be entered onto our Decadent Desire database providing for easy cross referencing and effective matchmaking.

Anonymity and discretion are maintained by using your SH or FL profile name only. Alternatively, you may request a confidential number code from Infinity management who will never reveal your profile name nor identity without your prior consent.

There are no registrations fees for registration for this service. Fees are only applicable for successful matchmaking.


When registering your decadent desire it is very important to include as much detail as possible as this will make it easier to ensure you have the best experience.

Register your decadent desire here!